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Space Finance
3 min readMar 24, 2021

In the land of the Binance Smart Chain, a new dimension has arrived, Space Finance! Space Finance is a unique cryptocurrency and NFT DAPP project.

First lets analyze the properties of SPACE, the main Space Finance Token.

SPACE enacts a few mechanics on all transactions, more specifically, a 4.5% burn and fair distribution, which allows for a few important things to happen.

2.5% of the transaction goes to a deflationary mechanic, it is burnt forever, helping to fight inflationary tendencies, the other 2% of SPACE is distributed amongst all the holders. This means that by simply holding any amount of SPACE in your wallet, you get a proportional reward of those 2% for all the transactions happening with SPACE.

Sound great isn’t it? But there is more to it…

Space Finance turns your wallet into a rewards black hole.

SPACE token not only is deflationary, yield-generating, hack proof and fairly distributed (80% of all SPACE tokens were added to a pancakeswap liquidity pool. The liquidity then burnt afterwards!), but it also have a incredible community behind, contributing with great artwork, memes, stickers, videos, music and ideas to improve the project.

Total supply of SPACE started at 299,792, over 40,000 was burnt already and over 18,000 SPACE have been distributed to holders with auto generating rewards since inception, and this number keeps growing.

SPACE mechanics are working as intended and community is engaged, after the first legendary NFT minted on bakeryswap the preliminary release for SPACE NFT DAPP is coming.

“Bee a Space Keeper” Supernova New SPACE NFT DAPP Collection

SPACE not only hosts the most far-out NFT collection you have ever seen, it is also including the most incredible features to SPACE NFTs Gallery turning it into a DAPP.

Our SPACE NFT DAPP will be able to connect with your wallet so you can interact with your collection and get access to unique goodies.

One new Incredible SPACE movie/trailer is here and will pave the way for our:

  • New NFT type Supernova
  • Our community page dedicated to the community with community MEMES, Stickers, Videos, tweets and community NFTs.
  • Class for SPACE NFTs, and owning a set of the same class will give you access to unique perks and features within our NFT dapp.

Going forward, SPACE plans on continue to implement new use cases, being a disruptor on the NFT world, planning for the best NFT DAPP collection, rewards, gallery and gaming DeFi platform.

Home at Last — Some adventures are to have in a lifetime, others, one lifetime is not enough.

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Don’t forget to buckle up and enjoy your ride to SPACE!



Space Finance

Space Finance turns your wallet into a rewards black hole.